Time to Say Goodbye!

This day was the last day for our exchange proggrame at Pei Hwa Presbytherian Primary School. Today we arrive at school very early at 7 o’clock and went to the school Hall to attend morning assembly that was followed by all Pei Hwa pupils and teachers. After the morning assemly, we practice our performance at the Hall stage then we went back to Hosanna Room and study English lesson with our buddy. We also learned musical instrument called “Kolintang” even it’s difficult, we were very excited to play this traditional music instrument. The teacher of the music lesson was very funny and lead us well using recorder.When we finished our music lesson, we went back to the school hall and got ready with our performance at the back stage. We were very nervous when we stood at the hall’s stage, but we did very well after all. Next we went to Sentosa Island by cable car and watched the first show called “Images of Singapore”. In this show, we learned a lot about the history of Singapore, specially about their multicultural race. We move to the second Place called “Marine Life Park Aquarium”. At this place, we saw a lot of big fish, jellyfish and seahorse that lived in a giant aquarium. We were very excited and took a lot of photos with the water creature, specially shark. After we finished the educational tour, we had our dinner at Universal Studio foodcourt then we continued our trip to “Song of the Sea” by monorail. The Song of the Sea show was very enchanting and awesome, it told us a story about Lee and Oscar who tried to woke up Prinncess Amy. We saw the show of fire, water projector, light, and firework along with the song. After the show, we went back to hotel by bus then go to bed.











The Bonus Round Day

Today, at Pei Hwa Presbytherian school, we had chance to practice for our performance tomorrow. We practice the speech, Cublak-cublak suweng dance and you’ve got a friend in me. After practice we had english lesson and math lesson. For english lesson, we watched video and studied about how to make a song using ipad application called “The Looper”. At math lesson, we studied about fraction again. After having our lunch, we transferred to Garden by the Bay. At Garden by the Bay we had an educational learning journey about cooling factor. We went to two different places, it called Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. At Flower Dome, we saw a lot of plants and flowers that conservated from around the world. We saw 1000 years Olive tree, spiky plants, cactus, and more. The Flower Dome was very beautiful and we took a lot of photos. After Flower Dome, the tour leader guided us to Cloud Forest. We were surprised by giant waterfall in the Cloud Forest. It look like real waterfall, but actually it is just manmade waterfall. This place called cloud forest because there is a time where this place covered by fog that looks like cloud around the waterfall. We used the lift to level 6 and walk along the top of the waterfall. Some of us was scared but it was very interesting. At the end of the tour, we get to the gift shop and brought souvenirs to our family and friends. When we finished our trip at Garden by the Bay, we transferred to Chinatown to buy another souvenirs because some of us didn’t get their souvenirs yet. From Chinatown, we got back to hotel by public bus but we stop at street foodcourt near our hotel and had our dinner. When we arrived at hotels, we were very tired and go to bed.









The Most Interesting Activities Whole Day with Our Buddies

Today, at Pei Hwa Presbytherian school we learn a different lesson. We learn about chinesse history and specially for making chinese tea, it was very fun because we never learn anything like this before. From this lesson, we learn not just making a tea, there are certain rules to serve the tea according to chinese traditional culture. After they show us how to make the tea, caroline and one of our friend get a chance to make the tea. Caroline said it was not that easy as we thought, but they did very well.
After finish our chinese tea lesson, Pei Hwa teachers bring us out of the school to having a neigbourhood tour. Surprisingly, there are a lot of interesting place around the Pei Hwa Presbytherian school. When we were walking around, we saw Glory Presbytherian Church, Glory kindergarten, foodcourt and traditional market. in the market, we saw a lot of fruits, vegetables and meats offered. Beside the market, the teachers show us the HDB and explain us why do 70% of people in singapore live in HDB, then we walk trough a small garden that connected to Pei Hwa and we get back to Hossana room. This afternoon, we also learn fraction in math class, we also learn chinese and english.
After the school time, we went to Marina Barrage, it was very fun because we went there with our buddies. In marina barrage we learn about water conservation that makes Singapore survive with water sucessfuly. The most interesting place was the rooftop because whole the rooftop is green grass. From the rooftop we can see Garden by The Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, etc. When we finish learn about water conservation, we went to Marina Bay Sands to take some photos there. We went buc to the hotel with public bus, it was our first time and it was very interesting. We stop and have our dinner at street foodcourt then wo go back to hotel and go to bed.










We Got New Experience

There is something different today, we got some new experiences at school and also at PCS (Presbyterian Community Services).
We went to Pei Hwa School at 8 as usual after having our breakfast at hotel. Our breakfast was so delicious, scramble egg, beacon and sousage.

Once we arrived at school, we join on the class with our buddies, then we had English, Math, and Art lesson.
In English class, we learned about prefix, and in Math class we learned about fraction and our buddies started using the calculator for fraction. In art lesson we learned and make the tesselation.

After we finished our lunch at school, we went to Presbyterian Community Services to get the new experience about child care center in Singapore. Located at Pasir Ris area, we were received by Ms. Faith Chan, the principal at PCS Edelweiss 21 Child Care center.
Ms. Faith explain to us how this center is run by PSC. There are 6 classes at Edelweiss 21 Child Care.
We had the chances to go to all six classes. One of the most fun and exciting experience for us is we are able to play with the kids there, we were really enjoyed the time we spent with the kids. That really exciting experience for all of us.

After we finished at PCS Edelweiss Child Care center, we had dinner at Novena Square, then we get back to the hotel and hae rest.
Gut nite and see you tomorrow….









First day in “Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School”

First day , we slept at 9.PM and morning call woke us up at 6.AM. We had breakfast at the restaurant in our hotel. After we had breakfast we took alot of photos while we waited for the bus to come to pick up us to Pei Hwa Presbytarian Primary School. Finally, the bus came!!! We got into the bus. Then , we went to Pei Hwa Presbytarian Primary School.We have 3 subject in there. At Mathemathic lesson, we studied about “Fraction”. Fraction the world from Latin fractus, it means broken.For the FTGP about getting to know your buddies better. After we learned FTGP, we learned English , the topic was Presentation about how to advertise an organitation to help less fortunate peoples and endangered animals. Next we had luch time at their cafetarian, it was so DELICIOUS!!!!

Next , we went to Orchard Road. At Orchard Road, we went to Takashimaya Mall. At the mall, we walked around to buy souvenirs and merchandises for our family and our friends at Surabaya. We seperated by 2 groups. The leaders were Mrs. Natalie and Mrs. Silvianawati. We went to Candylicious, Hangten, and Smiggle. We bought alot of candy, clothes, pants, and stationery. At 16.00, we had dinner. We had dinner at foodcourt. We went back to our hotel with MRT. Then we took a bath and slept!!!!!








First time we went to the new Terminal 2 in Juanda Airport it looks beautiful and very modern airport.The atmosfer was like in BALI!!!,but the airport was look like HONG KONG airport, it was very COLD!!!. In the airplane we played such of video game,watch movies and listened some musics. We had a very big meal,including appetizer, main course, and dessert. We arrived in Changi airport at 13.30. After we took our loggage, we went to Singapore flyer by bus and we rode a giant wheel to enjoy the view of Singapore from an altitude. We saw the Marina Bay Sands, Garden by the Bay, Esplanade and the building look like a Lotus flower. We had lunch at Singapore food trail,some of us ate fried rice from Indian cuisine and some of us ate plain haienamise rice, It was very DELICIOUS!!!. Next, we went to Merlion Statue but the water wasn’t spilling out from the mouth of Merlion Statue. After we finished enjoy Merlion, we went to our hotel by bus. Then we checked-in at Ibis Novena Hotel. After that we took a shower and had dinner at the hotel restaurant.