We’ll miss you Pei Hwa! :(

Today, we woke up earlier than usual about at 4.30 a.m. We had breakfast in hotel. Then, we went to Pei Hwa. Today is our last day in Pei Hwa 🙁 . First, we had a ceremony. After that, we had English lesson. We were exchanging gifts with our buddies. Next, we had music lesson. Sadly, we had music lesson for awhile. Then, we had farewell in the school’s hall. We performed speech by Aurel and Jane. After that, some of us performed a traditional dance called “cublak-cublak suweng”. Then, all of us sang with song called ” you’ve got a friend in me” Next, we had lunch. We said goodbye to our buddies 🙁 . We were so sad 🙁 . After that, we left Pei Hwa 🙁 . Then, we went to Sentosa Island by cable car!! First, we went to Image of Singapore. It told us about the history of Singapore! It was so exciting! Next, we went to S.E.A. Aquarium Marine Life park. We could see many kind of fishes, such as, sharks, dolphins, etc. we also learned about fishes and water. After that, we had dinner at Malaysian Food Street.












Our Awesome Thursday!

We started our day with full spirit. We woke up as usual at 5 o’clock a.m. Then, we had breakfast and got ready to go to Pei Hwa school by bus. First, we practiced for our performance tomorrow. Today, we learned English and math again. We also learned about how to create a song with an iPad application. Hmm, interesting!:D then, we had lunch at Pei Hwa’s canteen. After that, we waited for our bus to pick us to Gardens By The Bay. Gardens by the bay is so beautiful! We went to cloud forest and flower dome. It was really cold!! We also saw a great waterfall in cloud forest. We took a lot of photos! We also bought some gifts. Next, the bus transferred us toChina Town. It was so crowded! We bought many souvenirs there, like key chains, magnets, etc. Then, we had dinner. We ate noodles. After that, we went to our bus, the bus took us to our hotel.
Today was so tiring, but it was also exciting too! We need to sleep now. Because tomorrow we have to wake up earlier than usual. Thank you for reading, good night!:)








Having fun with buddies

First, we went to Pei Hwa. We learned how to make Chinese tea. After that, we walked around Pei Hwa’s neighbors hood. Then, we had recess. Next, we had math lesson. We learned about fraction. After that, we learned about photography. Then, we had lunch at Pei Hwa’s canteen. We finished our lunch earlier than usual. Then, the bus took us to Marina Barrage. We went to Marina Barrage with our buddies! We knew more about how to Singaporeans recycling water. We also had lots of fun there! Next, we went to Marina by Sands. We took a lot of photos at Marina bay sands…
After that we learned how to use a bus as transportation in Singapore. Wow that was really interesting and fun too… We stopped at the bus stop and we continued our journey on foot to ibis novena hotel…
That was our journey this day… See our journey tomorrow…
It would be fun too…!







People around us

Today is our second day in school. First, we had breakfast in hotel. After that, the bus took us to Pei Hwa! We went to Hosanna Auditorium. We welcomed by the teachers of Pei Hwa. Then, we met our buddies! First, we had English class. Today’s lesson was about prefixes. It was really exciting, because it’s useful for us. Next, we had math class. We learned about fraction. Then, we looked around Pei Hwa. Pei Hwa is so huge! There are many rooms and classes there. After that, we went to Hosanna Auditorium. We practiced for our performance on Friday. Next, we had art class. The teachers taught us how to make positive and negative optical illusion. Cool! Then, we went to Presbyterian Community Service. After that we went to Novena Square to have some dinner.
Today’s activity has opened our eyes that we should be thankful of what we have because there’s a lot of people who are not as lucky and blessed as us. Okay, we have to sleep now. Good night!






Hello, Pei Hwa!

Hi! Today, we woke up in the morning about at 6 a.m. Then, we prepared for school! We had breakfast in hotel. After we finished our breakfast, we waited for our bus. After the bus came, the bus took us to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School! After we arrived we welcomed by the teachers of Pei Hwa. They were so friendly.. Then, they took us to Hosanna Auditorium. After that, we played ice breaker game. It was really fun! After the game over, we had math lesson. We learned about fraction. Then, we met our buddies! After that, we had recess at Pei Hwa’s canteen. The canteen is so big! And the food were so cheap! After recess, we had a game called “silly detective”. It helped us to know each other. Then, we had English lesson. The Pei Hwa’s students had gave some presentation about how to make the world become a better place to live. After while, we had lunch at Pei Hwa’s canteen. After we felt full, we went to our bus. The bus took us to lucky plaza. We bought many souvenirs there. Like chocolates, key chain, and many others. After that, we went to Takashimaya. After we arrived, we had dinner at Takashimaya Food Village. It was really delicious. After we felt full, we went to candylicious to buy some chocolates and candies. After that, we went to smiggle. Then, we went to our hotel by MRT.

We are so tired. Ok, we need to take a rest now. Bye, see ya tomorrow!!






Singapore, here we come!

Singapore, here we come!

Today, we woke up early in the morning, and we went to Juanda Airport. We arrived at Juanda Airport about at 7.30 a.m. We said good bye to our parents. After that, we went to the waiting room. After we waited for awhile, finally, we went to our plane. We flew to Singapore by Singapore Airlines(SQ) with flight number SQ931. Our flight was at 10.15 a.m. After 2 hours in the plane, finally we arrived at Changi Airport, Singapore! We were really really excited!!

Then, we went to take our baggages. After we got our baggages, we went to our bus. After the bus came, the bus took us to Singapore Flyer. We could see many buildings from the high. The view was so beautiful!! We rode the Singapore Flyer for about 30 minutes. Then, we had lunch. Today, we ate laksa. It’s a hot noodle.. After lunch, we went to our bus. The bus picked us up to Merlion Statue.

Finally, we arrived at Merlion Statue. The weather was very hot.. We took many photos there! After that, we went to our bus.. Our bus took us to our hotel.. Our hotel is Ibis Novena. We’ll stay there during this exchange program. After we took a bit rest, we had dinner in hotel.