Time to Say Goodbye!

This day was the last day for our exchange proggrame at Pei Hwa Presbytherian Primary School. Today we arrive at school very early at 7 o’clock and went to the school Hall to attend morning assembly that was followed by all Pei Hwa pupils and teachers. After the morning assemly, we practice our performance at the Hall stage then we went back to Hosanna Room and study English lesson with our buddy. We also learned musical instrument called “Kolintang” even it’s difficult, we were very excited to play this traditional music instrument. The teacher of the music lesson was very funny and lead us well using recorder.When we finished our music lesson, we went back to the school hall and got ready with our performance at the back stage. We were very nervous when we stood at the hall’s stage, but we did very well after all. Next we went to Sentosa Island by cable car and watched the first show called “Images of Singapore”. In this show, we learned a lot about the history of Singapore, specially about their multicultural race. We move to the second Place called “Marine Life Park Aquarium”. At this place, we saw a lot of big fish, jellyfish and seahorse that lived in a giant aquarium. We were very excited and took a lot of photos with the water creature, specially shark. After we finished the educational tour, we had our dinner at Universal Studio foodcourt then we continued our trip to “Song of the Sea” by monorail. The Song of the Sea show was very enchanting and awesome, it told us a story about Lee and Oscar who tried to woke up Prinncess Amy. We saw the show of fire, water projector, light, and firework along with the song. After the show, we went back to hotel by bus then go to bed.











The Most Unforgettable Experiences

Today we woke up earlier, we woke up at 04:00. Because, today we had raising flag ceremony at Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. As usual, we also took a bath and had breakfast.

At 06:45, we arrived at school. For the first activity, we practiced our performance. For example : speech, traditional dance, sing and dance. After we practiced our performance, we joined the Pei Hwa raising flag ceremony. It was different with our ceremony in Indonesia. They didn’t only sing their national anthem, but also the Pei Hwa School’s Song and some religious songs. It was very interested to watch every process of the ceremony.

After ceremony, we had English lesson. It’s about giving opinion. In that lesson, Ms. Sung gave us time to exchange our gift. Some students have been chosen to give a little story about their best experiences in Singapore and Pei Hwa School.

We also learned a new thing. That’s music lesson!! We learned how to play xylophone. First, our buddies showed us how to play it, then our buddies asked us to try it, so we tried it. We enjoyed the lesson because the teacher was really funny.

After that, we went to the hall, we got in to the backstage and prepared our performance. We were very nervous, but we performed it well. We were very happy because the Pei Hwa students and teachers enjoyed our performance.

The next destination was Sentosa Island. We went there by cabel car. We saw an amazing view of singapore. After we arrived at Sentosa Island we visited Images of Singapore first. We learned about the history of Singapore. Then, we visited the Sea Aquarium Marine Life Park. There were a lot of kind of fish and the other sea creatures. After that ,We went to the souvenir shop and we bought some souvenir. After that we had dinner.All of us ate satay and ketupat. We also went to the chocolate Hershey’s shop and we bought some . Yaayyy!!!!! Finally We watch Song of the Sea. It was so amazing!! After the show, we waited for the bus and Then we went back to the Ibis Novena Hotel. At the hotel we took a bath and we packed our stuff, and now we went to sleep.











Good Bye Pei Hwa!!

Today was our last day at Pei Hwa. We were so sad. We woke up at 04.40 am because today we had Farewell Ceremony at Pei Hwa. We had breakfast at 06.00 am. We ate bread, noodle and potatoes. We went to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School by bus.

We arrived at 07.30 am. We went to hall and had flag raising ceremony. The principal told us about unity and how to be a leader. We watched videos too. After that, the principal gave rewards to the prefect students, junior leader sport, etc. Then we practiced for our perfomances in the hall stage. Next, we went to Hosanna auditorium and had farewell ceremony. Our buddies gave us presents. We gave our buddies gift too. We were so excited. After that, Mrs. Sung wanted us to share about the most interesting experience with Pei Hwa students. Then she continued with English Lesson. Mrs. Sung gave us some questions about conversation. After English lesson, we had recess. We ate bread and fried rice. Then we went to the hall stage to practice our performances again. We didn’t had long times so we should be faster

At 12 o’clock, we went to music room and had music lesson. We played instruments with our buddies. Our music teacher was very kind and funny. We were so excited!!! After music lesson, we went to hall stage again and started our performances.

First, we showed speech and then we had traditional childrean dance called Cublak Cublak Suweng. After that, we sang Friendship song and dance together. Although we were so nervous, but we enjoyed!! After we showed our perfomances, we had lunch. After that we said goodbye to the principle, teachers and our buddies. Then, we left Pei Hwa and went Cable Car by bus.

Finally we were here!! We were at the Cable Car Station. We got in into the cable car and went to sentosa. The view was wonderful when we looked from the cable car. We also took some pictures. We were so happy. After that we walked to Images of Singapore. We watched video about history of Singapore there. Then we explored inside the museum. It was quite dark and we saw a lot of statue of peoples. Some of the statue looked scary but not all. We took some pictures too. After that we went to the gift shop. Some of us bought gifts but some of us didn’t. After that we rode monorail and went to S.E.A. Aquarium Marine Life Park.

After 5 minutes long, we were at “S.E.A. Aquarium Marine Life Park”. We splited into 2 groups. Our guide helped us a lot. First,the guide told us about the aquarium. Then, we went to the fish aquarium. It was beautiful. The fishes look happy and fun! We also asked about the fish. Then we went to the starfish. We could touch the fish and it feels soft. We also saw jellyfish. Next, we saw lobster. It’s big. Third, we saw dolphins! The tour guide told us there were total 24 dolphins, but they were at the different aquarium. We also found the characters of the finding nemo! It was cute. Last, we saw huge fishes, there were only 2. It called romeo and juliet. Why? Because they always together.

After that, we had dinner at Malay Restaurant. We ate chicken rice, and noodle. It was very delicious. After had dinner, we went to chocolate shop called Hershey. We bought chocolates for our family. Next, we went to Songs of The Sea by monorail. We were so excited!!

We arrived at Songs Of The Sea at 19.00 pm. We waited for 40 minutes. At last, the show was start!! Yeay!! We were so happy!! The story was about 5 peoples who want to save the Princess called Amy. The adventure was very fun, scare, amazing, and sad too. But at last, they could find the way and saved the Princess. We were so excited because it had fireworks, beautiful songs, and lasers. We were so enjoyed the show.

Finally, the show was over!! We were so tired. So, we went to our hotel by bus. We took a bath, brush our teeth, packed our things for tomorrow and prepare to sleep. Good night friends!! Wait for our story tomorrow!!




































We’ll miss you Pei Hwa! :(

Today, we woke up earlier than usual about at 4.30 a.m. We had breakfast in hotel. Then, we went to Pei Hwa. Today is our last day in Pei Hwa 🙁 . First, we had a ceremony. After that, we had English lesson. We were exchanging gifts with our buddies. Next, we had music lesson. Sadly, we had music lesson for awhile. Then, we had farewell in the school’s hall. We performed speech by Aurel and Jane. After that, some of us performed a traditional dance called “cublak-cublak suweng”. Then, all of us sang with song called ” you’ve got a friend in me” Next, we had lunch. We said goodbye to our buddies 🙁 . We were so sad 🙁 . After that, we left Pei Hwa 🙁 . Then, we went to Sentosa Island by cable car!! First, we went to Image of Singapore. It told us about the history of Singapore! It was so exciting! Next, we went to S.E.A. Aquarium Marine Life park. We could see many kind of fishes, such as, sharks, dolphins, etc. we also learned about fishes and water. After that, we had dinner at Malaysian Food Street.












Bye Bye Pei Hwa :(

Hello guys! Today, we woke up earlier at 5 am. Because, today we have flag ceremony at Pei Hwa. The sky still dark. We were very saddd:(.. Because, today is our last day to meet our buddies. Then, we took a bath. We must wore yellow uniforms. After ready, we went downstairs to have breakfast. We ate chicken bacon, yoghurts, salads, etc… It was very delicious… Then, we took a bus. The bus took us to Pei Hwa Presbytarian Primary School. We sang together at the bus to prepare for our perfomances.

After arrived at Pei Hwa, we waited for a few minutes. Then, we went to the hall for preparing our farewell perfomances, it took 1 hour. After that, we went to Hossana Hall. We had English Lesson. We studied with our buddies. We also gave presents for our buddies. Because, today is our last day. They were happy with our presents. Our buddies gave us presents, too.. We were very happy 🙂 then, we went back to the hall again for our final practice. After we had our practice, we went to Music Class. We learned 2 songs with kolintang-like instruments. It was a wooden xylophone. First, we found difficulties, but after trying, we felt easy. After 30 minutes, we went back to the hall for our perfomances. We were very nervous. For the beginning of our perfomances, Jane and Aurel delivered their speech. Our next perfomance, was traditional dance with Cublak-Cublak Suweng song. Jane explained to Pei Hwa student, what does Cublak-Cublak Suweng mean. Cublak-Cublak Suweng is an Indonesia traditional game. Our last perfomance was singing with dancing with “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” song. We were sad with our perfomance because it was a bit messy. Hihi. But, all of the audience gave us applause. After that, we went down stairs to have lunch. We ate vegetables, omelets, fried chickens, etc.. It was very delicious and healthy for us. We were very full. Then, we took pictures with our buddies. Because, after this day, we will not meet them again. We also said “GoodBye” and “ThankYou” for welcoming us. At 2 pm, we left the school. Then, we went to Sentosa Island.

After arrived at Mount Faber, we went to the Cable Car to the Sentosa Island. At the Cable Car, we could see the trees, big ship called Star Cruise and lot of ships, the sea, Universal Studios, etc… It was very wonderful. After arrived, we went to Images Of Singapore in Sentosa Island. We watched a film there. It tell us about History of Singapore. There are 4 etchnics in Singapore, they are Malay, Eurasian, Indian, and Chinese. After we watched the film, we went to the museum consisted of wax statue. It also told us about the History Of Singapore. Then, we went to the Waterfront by “monorail”. It was our first time! It was very fun..

After arrived at Waterfront, we went to S.E.A Marine Aquarium Life Park. There, we saw many kinds of fish and also other animals that live in water. We had a tour guide, the tour guide explained to us all about the animals that live in water. The animals names are Yellowtail Fusilier, Sailfin Snapper, Ringer Pipefish, Open Brain Collar, Stony Coral, Hammer Coral, Lionfish, Archerfish, Mudskipper, Favia Coral, Staghorn Corals, Sabre Squirrel fish, Lined Catfish, Yellowbanded Sweetlips, African Moony, Spotted Scat, Potato Cod, Banded Blenny, Threadfin Trevally, Butterflyfishes, Pipefishes, Pufferfishes, Tangs, Wrasses, Triggerfishes, Tiger Shark, Tuna, Ctenophores, Mako Shark, Emperor Nautilus, Nautilus, Hilgendorf’s Saucord, Big-Fin Big Eye, Pacific Ocean Starfish, Giant Pacific Octopus, Moon Sea Jelly, Indonesian Sea Nettle, Northern Sea Nettle, White Spotted Sea Jelly, Upsidedown Sea Jelly, Emerald Green Crab, Occelaris Clownfish, Bicolor Blenny, Red-Striped Goby, Big Longnose Butterflyfish, Peacock Wrasse, Cloud Wrasse, Turbo Snail, Banded Coral Shrimp, Copperband Butterflyfish, Scalloped Hammrthead Shark, Grey Reef Shark, Whitetip Reef Shark, Sandbar Shark, etc…

Then, we went to Resort World to have dinner. We bought Malaysian Food. We ate Wanton Mee. After we felt full, we went to Hershey’s and Candylicious to buy some chocolates and candies. Then, we went to Songs of the Sea by “monorail”. After arrived at Songs of the Sea, we went to the beach with faster.

At Songs of the Sea, we waited for 30 minutes. Then, the show began. The perfomance told us about awakening Princess Amy. The performance of light, water, fire, and laser there were very amazing!!! The show started from 6.40 pm and ended at 7.10 pm. We were very excited!! Then, we went out from the beach and waited at the Coach Park. Then, the bus came. The bus took us to the hotel.

After arrived at the hotel, we went to our rooms. Then, we took a bath and changed our clothes. We also prepared our clothes and put in the clothes into the luggage. Because, tomorrow we will flight back to Surabaya. We were so tired. After prepared our luggage, we went to bed. We a little bit sad, because we will leave Singapore but we also feel happy, because we will meet our family and friends. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the best last day ever.

Good Night… Good Bye!! 😀 See you later! 🙂










































Last Day at Pei Hwa !

Hello ,everyone! Today was our last day at school.We woke up early in the morning and took a bus to school. After we arrived at school,all of us quickly entered the hall ,we followed our buddies for ” Morning devotion “.
At 9.45 am ,we exchanged gifts with our buddies and took some pictures. Then we could share our experiences together.The English Teacher had review our English Lesson and we should answer the question with suitable reason.
After that,we learned music in the music room. We played some xylophones. We enjoyed their lessons very well, because they were very interesting.After all the lessons , we entered the hall for our” FAREWELL PERFORMANCE”.
We performed two songs, ” cublak cublak suweng ” and ” you ‘ve got a friend in me”
Then we had lunch and we said good bye.Then, we left our lovely buddies
and took a bus,straight to Sentosa Island.We went to Maritime Museum by cable car,we were amazed by the biggest aquarium in the world.
It was recorded in Guiness World of Record. After the tour,we went to Image of Singapore
It told us about history of Singapore.At 6.30 pm we went to see ” The Song of the sea “,
the lasers and the fireworks were very unique and spectacular.We arrived at the hotel at 9 pm,and we prepared for tomorrow flight to Surabaya.