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Posts published by “kelompok4”

Goodbye Singapore, Hello Surabaya!!!

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Today was our last day in Singapore. We didn’t have to get up early, We woke up at 05:00, took a bath , and had breakfast. After we had breakfast,…

The Most Unforgettable Experiences

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Today we woke up earlier, we woke up at 04:00. Because, today we had raising flag ceremony at Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. As usual, we also took a bath…

Today is So Fantastic!!

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Hello all… We want to continue our story. Don’t you want to read this ? Like yesterday, we woke up, took a bath, had a breakfast, and went to Pei…

The Marina Day

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Today is our third day to learn at Pei Hwa School. We woke up, took a bath and had breakfast first before we went to school. At 8:45 we learned…

Our Adventurous Day

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Today is our second day to learn with our buddies. The bus picked us up at 8. First we learned English,the topic is about prefix. The examples of prefixes are…

Our First Day with Our Buddies

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Wow! It’s our first day to visit Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School to meet our buddies. We woke up at 04:30. Then we had breakfast at the hotel. We waited…