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Posts published in “Kelompok 6”

Bye Bye PeiHwa! :(

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Hello guys! Today, we woke up earlier at 5 am. Because, today we have flag ceremony at Pei Hwa. The sky still dark. We were very saddd:(.. Because, today is…

The Longest Day Ever! :)

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Hello friends, today we woke up at 5.30 am. We were very happy today. Because, there was a change of schedule, after we studied at Pei Hwa school, we would…

Last Day at Pei Hwa !

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Hello ,everyone! Today was our last day at school.We woke up early in the morning and took a bus to school. After we arrived at school,all of us quickly entered…

Adventurous day

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As always we woke up early in the morning.We had breakfast,took a bus to school. After our arrival,we had Rehearsal for tomorrow.It’s special performance from all of our group.After a…

A whole day with our buddies

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Hi! Finally we meet again.Today was our fourth day in Singapore.Yesterday we went to school and met our buddies.But today,we had a whole day with our buddies. It started with…


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Hello !Today is 3rd day at Singapore.This morning we woke up early us usual. We prepared our bags,had breakfast,went to Pei Hwa and meet our buddies to class. To day…