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Last Day at Pei Hwa !

Hello ,everyone! Today was our last day at school.We woke up early in the morning and took a bus to school. After we arrived at school,all of us quickly entered the hall ,we followed our buddies for ” Morning devotion “. At 9.45 am ,we exchanged gifts with our buddies and took some pictures. Then […]

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Adventurous day

As always we woke up early in the morning.We had breakfast,took a bus to school. After our arrival,we had Rehearsal for tomorrow.It’s special performance from all of our group.After a long practice, we followed our buddies to their class and had some lessons. At 9.30 am we started to learn English and Math lesson. Afterwards […]

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A whole day with our buddies

Hi! Finally we meet again.Today was our fourth day in Singapore.Yesterday we went to school and met our buddies.But today,we had a whole day with our buddies. It started with followed our buddies to class.We had a great time and we learned many new things.Especially,we tried to make the “Chinese tea “,then our buddies took […]

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Hello !Today is 3rd day at Singapore.This morning we woke up early us usual. We prepared our bags,had breakfast,went to Pei Hwa and meet our buddies to class. To day we learned English,Math, Art and practice our performance. We enjoyed their lessons very well,because they were very interesting. After all the lessons,we had lunch with […]

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Meet Our Buddies

This was our first day at school! We were playing the .ice breaking activities followed by Matematika lesson with our buddies. Some body could find who has travelled to another country,some one who is really tall.Some one who doesn’t like chocolate and any more. Then we had a Mathematic lesson together. The teacher was teach […]

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First day at Singapore

Today we arrived at Juanda International Airport Terminal 2 Surabaya at 07.30 We went to Singapore with Singapore Airlines SQ931. The flight from Surabaya to Singapore was 2 hours. We arrived at Changi International Airport Singapore at 12.45 We were so happy and excited!! After we arrived at Changi, we went to Singapore flyer by […]

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