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First Time We Met Our Buddies!!

kelompok3 0

Today, was the first time we met our buddies. We were so excited. We woke up earlier than usual. We took a bath, brush our teeth, and we had breakfast. We ate noodle, cereal, egg, potato, etc. We ate until full. After we had breakfast, we waited for our bus.

Finally, we arrived at Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School at 08.30 am. We met vice principal of the school. She was very friendly and kind. We went to the auditorium. The vice principal told us about the school and some lessons. The teacher who tought us today was Ms. Sung. She called our buddies. We were happy when we met our buddies. First we studied matematics about fraction. We also played the ice breaker called “Chocolate Game”. After we played ice breaker, we had English lesson. Before we started our English lesson, we played another ice breaker called “Silly Detective”. We enjoyed the game. And then we learned about how to make presentation. After the English lesson, we had lunch. We ate fried rice and chicken rice. It was so delicious. After lunch, we went to Orchard Road by bus.

Finally, we were here. Now we were at Orchard Road. First we were at Ion Orchard. We were so happy because today we were going to..SHOPPING!! We didn’t go for a long time at Ion Orchard. After that we went to Lucky Plaza. We bought chocolate at ChocSpot. And then we went to gift shop. We bought some keychain. It was cheap. Then we went to Takashimaya. We went to Candylicious to buy some candies. After that we went to Kinokuniya bookstore, we walked around and we read some books. At 5 pm, we had dinner at Food Village. Some of us ate ToriQ and chicken rice. After we ate we were going to back to our hotel by MRT. Finally the train was here! We got in into the MRT. We waited for a while until we were at Novena station. After that we walked from the MRT station until our hotel. It was quite far. Finally we were at the hotel. Then we took a bath. And it’s time to sleep. See you tomorrow!! ^^