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Friends Forever

kelompok2 0

Hello everyone… Today, we woke up at 7 am. We were very sad today. Because, today was our last day in Singapore. But, we also happy, because we will meet our family. We took a bath and changed our clothes at 7.15 am. Then, we had breakfast at 7.45 am. After we had breakfast, we went to SUN YAT SEN NANYANG MEMORIAL HALL. It was a museum about history of China. At 11 am, we went back to hotel for check-out and took our luggage. Then, we went to Marina Square for lunch. We had lunch at Seoul Garden. At Seoul Garden, we can eat all we want. After we felt full, we went to Singapore Changi Airport. We bought some souvenirs there for our family and friends. We must wait about 2 hours 30 minutes because we will flight back to Surabaya at 4.30 pm. We fly back to Surabaya with Silk Air MI 225. It takes 2 hours in the sky until we arrive at Surabaya. We were very happy and sad. Because, we have arrived safely in Surabaya and we can see our family. But, we are sad.. Because we will split with our friends. Finally, this is the end of our Petra Exchange Programme 2014 in Singapore.

Good Bye friends… May God Bless all of you…