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Good Bye Singapore!!!

kelompok3 0

Today was our last day in Singapore, we were very sad. We woke up at 07.00 am. Then, we took a bath. We had breakfast at 08.00 am. We ate breads, sausages, chickens, etc. After we had breakfast, we went to Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall by walk. At there, we saw many collections of artefacts such as photographs, old books, pintings, calligraphy works and etc about history of the first president of China. We took some pictures and we watched video. The video was very interesting. After that, we were back to our hotel for packed and check out. Then, we had lunch at Seoul Garden in Marina Square. We ate french fries, sausages, ice cream, etc. We ate a lot until we full. After that, we waited our bus for a while. When the bus came, we went to Singapore Changi Airport.

We arrived at 13.00 pm. We bought some souvenirs keychains and chocolates. After that we waited in the waiting room for 20 minutes and went to Surabaya by Silk Air plane We arrived at Juanda Airport at 17.50 pm. Then, we were back to our house. We were so excited. We will never forgot our moments together here!!