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Last Day at Pei Hwa !

kelompok6 0

Hello ,everyone! Today was our last day at school.We woke up early in the morning and took a bus to school. After we arrived at school,all of us quickly entered the hall ,we followed our buddies for ” Morning devotion “.
At 9.45 am ,we exchanged gifts with our buddies and took some pictures. Then we could share our experiences together.The English Teacher had review our English Lesson and we should answer the question with suitable reason.
After that,we learned music in the music room. We played some xylophones. We enjoyed their lessons very well, because they were very interesting.After all the lessons , we entered the hall for our” FAREWELL PERFORMANCE”.
We performed two songs, ” cublak cublak suweng ” and ” you ‘ve got a friend in me”
Then we had lunch and we said good bye.Then, we left our lovely buddies
and took a bus,straight to Sentosa Island.We went to Maritime Museum by cable car,we were amazed by the biggest aquarium in the world.
It was recorded in Guiness World of Record. After the tour,we went to Image of Singapore
It told us about history of Singapore.At 6.30 pm we went to see ” The Song of the sea “,
the lasers and the fireworks were very unique and spectacular.We arrived at the hotel at 9 pm,and we prepared for tomorrow flight to Surabaya.