Our First Experience in Singapore

●Our first experience in Singapore●

Today we were so happy, because we went to Singapore. At 05:00, we woke up. At 08:00, we check-in to the airport. And then, at 08:45, we waited at international lounge about 30 minutes. After that we got in to the airplane and start our trip.

At 13:30, we arrived at Singapore. We got in to the Changi International Airport. After that, we got in to the bus. For the next destination, we went to Singapore flyer. In Singapore Flyer,we can saw beautiful view of Singapore. We also got a lovely experience.We met philipines. We shared a lot of things of Indonesian Culture to them. After 1 hour passed, we had lunch. We ate Hainan Chicken Rice. Hmm! So yummy!

After we had lunch, we went to Merlion Statue. It was so hot! But, we had a lot of fun there. We also took a lot of pictures. It was so crowded. There were so many people took picture. Then, we went to the Ibis Novena Hotel and check in.

We took a rest about 30 minutes. At 19:00, we had dinner at the hotel. It was so delicious! At 08:15, we finished our report. We were so tired, we really want to sleep right now. Good bye! See you tomorrow with our another story. 🙂