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Our fifth Day : Safe The Earth

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Hello guys!! This was our fifth day at school!! We woke up at 05.00 am, we took a bath and had breakfast. We ate bread, sausage and noodle. It was very great!! After that, we went to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School.

We arrived at 08.00 am. We went to the hall and trained for perfomances in the stage. We were so happy!! Then, we went back to Hosanna auditorium and had English lesson. We learned about imperatives. Mrs. Sung gave us exercise with our buddies. After English lesson, we had recess. We ate Chicken Rice, and bread. Then we had mathematics lesson about fraction. We described the questions with our buddies. After that we had lunch for a while and then we went to Garden By The Bay by bus.

Finally, we arrived at Garden By The Bay. We were so excited!! The tour guide gave us information about Garden By The Bay. First, we went to Flower Dome. The view was very great there. We took some pictures. The tour guide explained us about the flowers one by one. After that we answered the questions at the activity booklet. We walked around and saw a lot of flowers. Then, we went to Cloud Forest. We saw water fall. After that we went to The Lost World at the top of the dome. We saw a huge statues. After that, we went down to the first level and watched video about SAVE OUR EARTH. Then we went to the gift shop and bought some souvenirs. After that, we went to China Town by bus.

At least, we were at China Town. We had dinner at China People’s Park Centre. We ate some different food. After that we went shopping at OG and Chinatown Point. We bought some toys too. Then, we went to China Town Complex and bought some keychain. The keychain was cheap. We bought a lot. After that we went to our hotel. We arrived to our hotel at 8 am. We took a bath and changed clothes. And now it is time to sleep. See you tomorrow!! Byee! ^_^