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Hello PeiHwa! Hello Buddies!

Hi guys, today we woke up at 5.30 am. We took a bath and changed our clothes. Today we must wear our blue uniforms. We were very excited. Because, today we were going to meet our buddies in Pei Hwa. Then, we took a bath at 6 am and had breakfast at 7 am. We ate noodles, scrambled eggs, cereals, bacons, yoghurt, etc… Hmmm… Soo delicious. After breakfast, we took a bus. The bus took us to Pei Hwa Presbytarian Primary School. We were very excited to met our buddies.

In PHPPS, the vice principals and teachers welcomed us. They brought us to the hosanna auditorium. It was like a hall. While we were waiting, the teacher explained to us about our schedules in Pei Hwa from Monday until Friday. Then, the other teacher, called Mrs. Sung came with our buddies. Yay! Before teaching us, Mrs. Sung invited us to played Bingo. Then, she taught us Mathematics about Fractions. Then, she invited us to played Chocolate Game. It wasn’t an ordinary game. Because, it also taught us about Math. Then, our buddies came. We were very happyyy.. After introduce our self, we had break. Then, Mrs. Sung invited us again to played Ice Breaking called Silly Detective. The game was very fun!! After the fun games, we studied English. Mrs. Sung already gave homework to Pei Hwa students earlier. Then, they presented they homework about “It’s we who build community”. After that, we had break for lunch. Then, we took a bus.

The bus took us to Orchard Road. At Orchard Road there are lot of malls. The bus dropped us in ION. From ION, we went to the underpass and straightly went to Lucky Plaza. We bought some souvenirs like key chains, chocolates at ChocSpot, and candies. Then, we went to Takashimaya Mall. There are lot of souvenirs there.. We bought chocolates and candies. We went to Candylicious, Kinokuniya, and Watsons. We also visited Smiggle and bought some colourful school supplies there. Yay! Then we had dinner at Takashimaya. It was very delicious… Then, we went to hotel by MRT. MRT is an underground train, it’s very fast. From the MRT station we walked to our hotel. It was a long yet fun journey. Last, we went to hotel and took a bath.
After bathing we quickly finished our report. Now it’s time to bed! We are all soooo tired.

Can’t wait to meet our buddies tomorrow! 😀







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