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The Longest Day Ever! :)

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Hello friends, today we woke up at 5.30 am. We were very happy today. Because, there was a change of schedule, after we studied at Pei Hwa school, we would go to the Gardens by the bay. Hooraay!! After waking up, we took a bath and changed our clothes. We must wore green uniforms today. We had soup, scrambled egg, sausages, yoghurts for breakfast. Then, we went to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School.

After we arrived at Pei Hwa, we had time for preparing perfomances tomorrow, about 1 hour at the hall. The hall was very big. We trained all of the perfomances. First, the Speech, by Aurel and Jane, then traditional dance, and the last, the singing together with “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” song. We gave the best for our final exercise. Then, we went to Hosanna Hall to study with Ms. Sung. We were very happy, because we met our buddies again. Our first lesson today was English about Imperative. First, Mrs. Sung showed us a video in Youtube about Billy Joel with Jimmy Fallon. Ms. Sung wanted us to create the step by step to make a song using an “Ipad”application called “The Looper”. After that lesson, we had a recess. We went to school canteen with our buddies to eat snacks. After recess, we had Mathematics Lesson. We were excited, because, we met our partners. We learned about Fractions again. Mrs. Sung gave us exercises. Today, was our last day to meet our partners. So, we exchanged phone numbers, email address, home address, etc… Then, we had lunch. We bought Chicken Maggi Noodle, Omelet Rice, Fried Rice. We also bought Apple Juice. The food was very delicious. After lunch, we waited for the bus about 1 hour. The bus took us to Gardens By the Bay.

In the Gardens by the bay, we had a guided tour. The tour guide took us around the Gardens by the Bay. She explained to us about the kind of trees. There were 2 places we visited. The first was Flower Dome. At Flower Dome, there were wooly cactus, monkey puzzle tree, palm tree, super tree, Kangaroo Pow, Golden Daisy Blue, Mexican Blue Palm, Chilean Puya, Garden Fuchsia, etc.. It was very fun and the flowers were very wonderful. In the Cloud Forest, we went to the secret garden. We saw a huge waterfall. It was amazing. It was soo cool inside the cloud forest and flower dome. We also got activity booklet from Gardens by the Bay. After that, we went to China Town.

Finally, we arrived at China Town. We had dinner at Food Court in People’s Park Centre. The food was delicious and the portion was super big. We were very full. After full, we went to OG Mall. At OG Mall, we went to the playstore to buy some toys. We bought toy airplane, lego, beyblade, HelloKitty box. It was very fun. Then, we went to China Town Point. While, we were waiting for our friends in the meeting point, we took a look in the souvenirs stalls nearby. We bought some alphabet key chains and merlion key chains as souvenirs for our family and friends in Surabaya. It’s been a long day.. We were so tired but happy. From chinatown we went back to our hotel by bus, we managed to finish our report on the way.

After we arrived at the hotel, we took a bath and changed our clothes. Finally, we are ready to sleep. Tomorrow, will be another long day. We will perform in farewell ceremony. Hopefully we can do the best.

Good Night! 😀