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The Beginning of Our Adventure in Singapore

Hello friends, today we woke up at 5am we were very excited. Because, today we were going to Singapore. We arrived at Juanda Airport early in the morning, at 7.20 am. We gathered in front of Starbucks. We made a line and went to the plane.

After 2 hours, finally our plane arrived in Singapore. We were very happyyy…
Thank God we arrived safely. From Changi Airport, we took a bus. The bus took us to Singapore Flyer. Singapore Flyer is a giant observation wheel. It was very big!!! It is the largest ferris wheel in the world. It took half hour to ride 1 cycle. We could see Marina Bay Sands, Garden By the Bay and many buildings from the capsule.

After we rode the Singapore Flyer, we ate lunch in Singapore Food Trail. All of us ate Hainanese Chicken Rice. It was delicious. We were so full, because the portion was very big. After full, we went to Merlion. We were sad because, the fountain of the Merlion didn’t work.
We took a lot of pictures there. The view was very wonderful. We could see many Singapore’s famous buildings. Such as Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade, etc… It was very hot there, but we were still excited.

From Merlion, we went to Ibis Novena Hotel. After check-in, we went to our rooms, took a rest for around 1 hour, then we took a bath and got ready to have our dinner in the hotel.

We had soup, vegetables, noodles, and roasted chicken for dinner. After dinner we finished our report. Finally this is the end of our day. After this we are going to sleep and get ready for tomorrow…Tomorrow we will meet our buddies. Yeayy…

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a great day!!! 🙂 See you tomorrow!!!