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The Most Unforgettable Experiences

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Today we woke up earlier, we woke up at 04:00. Because, today we had raising flag ceremony at Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. As usual, we also took a bath and had breakfast.

At 06:45, we arrived at school. For the first activity, we practiced our performance. For example : speech, traditional dance, sing and dance. After we practiced our performance, we joined the Pei Hwa raising flag ceremony. It was different with our ceremony in Indonesia. They didn’t only sing their national anthem, but also the Pei Hwa School’s Song and some religious songs. It was very interested to watch every process of the ceremony.

After ceremony, we had English lesson. It’s about giving opinion. In that lesson, Ms. Sung gave us time to exchange our gift. Some students have been chosen to give a little story about their best experiences in Singapore and Pei Hwa School.

We also learned a new thing. That’s music lesson!! We learned how to play xylophone. First, our buddies showed us how to play it, then our buddies asked us to try it, so we tried it. We enjoyed the lesson because the teacher was really funny.

After that, we went to the hall, we got in to the backstage and prepared our performance. We were very nervous, but we performed it well. We were very happy because the Pei Hwa students and teachers enjoyed our performance.

The next destination was Sentosa Island. We went there by cabel car. We saw an amazing view of singapore. After we arrived at Sentosa Island we visited Images of Singapore first. We learned about the history of Singapore. Then, we visited the Sea Aquarium Marine Life Park. There were a lot of kind of fish and the other sea creatures. After that ,We went to the souvenir shop and we bought some souvenir. After that we had dinner.All of us ate satay and ketupat. We also went to the chocolate Hershey’s shop and we bought some . Yaayyy!!!!! Finally We watch Song of the Sea. It was so amazing!! After the show, we waited for the bus and Then we went back to the Ibis Novena Hotel. At the hotel we took a bath and we packed our stuff, and now we went to sleep.