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The New Adventure

Today we met our friends at Juanda airport Surabaya at 07.30 am. Then we went to Singapore by plane at 10.00 am. Our journey took 2 hours. Finally , we arrived at Singapore Changi Airport at 13.00 pm. We were so excited.

Singapore Changi Airport was so big, clean, and beautiful. There were a lot of strangers. We saw tap water and we took some water. The water were so great!!! We got into the bus and went to the Singapore Flyer.

Singapore Flyer was the giant ferris wheel in Singapore. We saw a lot of buildings, Garden by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands,etc. It was very beautiful, we had fun there. We also took a lot of pictures there. After that we bought some souvenirs at the gift shop. And then we had lunch at Singapore Food Trail. We ate roasted chicken rice and beef burger rice. It was delicious, we ate a lot. Then we got into the bus and went to Merlion Park.

Finally, we arrived at Merlion Park. We took a lot of pictures. The weather was sunny and hot. After that we went to Ibis Hotel. After we checked in, we went to our room. We took a bath. After that, we had dinner. We ate fried chicken, noodle, and rice.

And now it’s time to sleep!! Good bye and see you tomorrow!!