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Time to Say Goodbye!

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This day was the last day for our exchange proggrame at Pei Hwa Presbytherian Primary School. Today we arrive at school very early at 7 o’clock and went to the school Hall to attend morning assembly that was followed by all Pei Hwa pupils and teachers. After the morning assemly, we practice our performance at the Hall stage then we went back to Hosanna Room and study English lesson with our buddy. We also learned musical instrument called “Kolintang” even it’s difficult, we were very excited to play this traditional music instrument. The teacher of the music lesson was very funny and lead us well using recorder.When we finished our music lesson, we went back to the school hall and got ready with our performance at the back stage. We were very nervous when we stood at the hall’s stage, but we did very well after all. Next we went to Sentosa Island by cable car and watched the first show called “Images of Singapore”. In this show, we learned a lot about the history of Singapore, specially about their multicultural race. We move to the second Place called “Marine Life Park Aquarium”. At this place, we saw a lot of big fish, jellyfish and seahorse that lived in a giant aquarium. We were very excited and took a lot of photos with the water creature, specially shark. After we finished the educational tour, we had our dinner at Universal Studio foodcourt then we continued our trip to “Song of the Sea” by monorail. The Song of the Sea show was very enchanting and awesome, it told us a story about Lee and Oscar who tried to woke up Prinncess Amy. We saw the show of fire, water projector, light, and firework along with the song. After the show, we went back to hotel by bus then go to bed.